Air Propane/MAPP Tips

Air Propane/MAPP Tips

GENTEC Quick Connect, Swirl Flame Auto-Ignite Tips eliminate the need for spark lighters. Ignition with the push of a button saves time and fuel cost. The tips are interchangeable with other quick connect style torches. All tips fit 66QT series Torch Handles.

  Copper Tubing CapacityCopper Tubing CapacityCopper Tubing CapacityCopper Tubing Capacity
Quick ConnectReplacementPropane GasPropane GasMAPP®MAPP®
Model NumberTip EndSoft SolderSilver SolderSoft SolderSilver Solder
6Q-3TPSL3TPESL1/4”-1”1/8”-1/2”1/4”-1 1/2”1/4”-1/2”
6Q-4TPSL4TPESL1/4”-1 1/2”1/4”-3/4”1/4”-2 1/2”1/4”-1 1/4”
6Q-5TPSL5TPESL1 1/2”-2 1/2”1/2”-1 1/4”1”-4”1/2”-2”

•All Tips Fit 66QT Series Torch Handles