Automatic Manifold Systems

Automatic Manifold Systems
GM2-A Series

GM2-A series automatic manifold system is designed to provide an uninterrupted gas supply without any manual adjustments. This system automatically changes over when the primary cylinder bank is depleted. Even in case of power failure, the system continues to supply gas without interruption.


Automatic Changeover Cabinet

• Fully enclosed, tamper-resistant metal cabinet

• Light indicators provide system status

• Systems for fuel gas come with an anti-explosive device

• External filter facilitates replacement of filtration elements


• Silver brazing on piping joints for maximum leak prevention

• System is designed to accommodate future expansion needs

• System is mounted with gas filters

• Pressure switch port available

• Headers have been tested to withstand high cylinder pressure

• Wall or floor mount available

Standard Constuction

• 24" flexible high pressure stainless steel braided pigtails with check valve. Rigid copper pigtails are standard when gas service is oxygen. Pigtails for acetylene models are equipped with dry flaskback arrestor.

• Carbon Dioxide manifold systems are provided with H900G electric heating regulator. Siphon cylinder should not be used in the manifold system.


GM2-AL- O2- U- ( 5L - 5R- S2 )
SeriesDelivery PressureGas ServiceStandard Code

Number of Cylinders

(left-hand / right-hand)

Manifold System Layout

Cylinder Valve Spacing
Automatic Manifold System (Pressure Gauge)


L: 55 psi (0.5 MPa)

M: 100 psi (0.8 MPa)

H: 185 psi (1 MPa)

O2: Oxygen

AIR: Air

N2O: Nitrous Oxide

CO2: Carbon Dioxide

IN: Argon, Helium, Nitrogen

U: USA Standard

E: ISO Standard

UE: Standard

1L-2R: One cylinder on the left, Two cylinders on the right

5L-5R: Five cylinders on the left, Five cylinders on the Right


Note: Direction of piping (Right or Left) is indicated by facing the manifold.

S: Standard layout

L: "L" Shape layout

U: "U" shape layout

D: Crossover layout

X: Staggered layout

1: 5" (127 mm)

2: 10" (254 mm)

3: 13" (330 mm)

4: 18" (457 mm)

Example: GM2-AL-O2-U-(5x5-S2) indicates a 5*5 oxygen cylinder automatic manifold system. Distance between two cylinders is 10” on standard horizontal layout. NFPA99 color code (USA)GM2-AL-O2-U-(0x0) indicates an oxygen changeover system with filters and master shutoff valves. NFPA99 color code (USA)GM2-AL-O2 indicates an oxygen changeover system only. NFPA99 color code (USA)






SeriesGas ServiceMax. Inlet Pressure psi (bar)Delivery Pressure psi (bar)Max. Delivery Flow SCFH (m3/h)Outlet ConnectionPigtail Specifications


3000 (207)

10~200 (0.7~14)

3500 (100)

3/4” NPT (M)

Pigtail, CGA540


Medical Air

3000 (207)

5~125 (0.35~8.6)

3500 (100)

3/4” NPT (M)

Pigtail, CGA346


Nitrous Oxide

3000 (207)

55, 100, 185 (5,8,10)

1750 (50)

3/4” NPT (M)

Pigtail, CGA326


Carbon Dioxide

2175 (150)

5~125 (0.35~8.6)

1050 (30)

3/4” NPT (M)

Pigtail, CGA320


Argon, Helium,


3000 (207)

10~200 (0.7~14)

3500 (100)

3/4” NPT (M)

Pigtail, CGA580


Gas Service

W in.(mm)H1 in.(mm)H2 in.(mm)
Oxygen, Air, Argon, Nitrogen, Helium41.3 (1050)15.8 (400)55.1 (1400)
Carbon Dioxide55.5 (1410)15.8 (400)55.1 (1400)



Standard Layout

"L" Shape Layout"U" Shape LayoutCrossover LayoutStaggered Layout