Back-up Control Panel

Back-up Control Panel
BS3100 Series

GENTEC® BS3100 Series Generator Back-up Control Panel, a hybrid control system, has the gas generator as the primary source of gas supply and the cylinder as the reserve. The automatic changeover provides a continuous gas supply without interrupting the system during generator maintenance. When the pressure of the generator drops below a preset value, the cylinder with begin to supply gas to the system. The line regulator executes a second stage pressure reduction, providing a consistent outlet pressure and flow. The series is available in both stainless steel and brass.


• Hybrid dual-bank gas supply and automatic changeover

• Dual-stage pressure reduction to minimize pressure and flow fluctuation

• Inlet valves allow the user to isolate either source of gas supply for maintenance

• The integrated check valve ensures system safety


EX: BS3110SL45DKK00
SeriesPrimary Supply Max. PressureInlet / Outlet ConnectionMaterialMax. Outlet PressureBackup Cylinders Pressure

Preset Pressure

GaugeBackup Cylinder Inlet Connection
BS311: 85 psig0: No vent valvesSL: Stainless Steel45: 45 psigD: 3000 psigK: 50 psigK: psig / kPa00: 1/4" NPT(F)
 2: 180 psig1: Vent valvesB: Brass F: 500 psigI: 100 psigP: psig / barC350: CGA350
 3: 380 psig    H: 150 psig C590: CGA590
        More connections available upon request



• Maximum generator side inlet pressure: 380 psig

• Maximum cylinder side inlet pressure: 3000 psig

• Outlet pressure range: 0-45 psig

• Maximum flow: 60 SLPM

• Temperature range: -40˚F-165˚F (-40˚C -74˚C)

• Leakage across seat: 2 x 10-8 He

• Changeover pressure: as selected by customer(s)

• Body: Brass or Stainless Steel

• Regulator inlet/outlet port: 1/4" NPT(F)

• Cylinder inlet connection: CGA

• Inlet valve body: Stainless Steel

• Check valve body: Stainless Steel


• Gas Chromatography

• Test Laboratories