Gold Series Medium Duty Outfits

Gold Series Medium Duty Outfits
1120 Series

Medium Duty Outfits in Deluxe Tool Bag for General Purposes


• Can weld up to 1/4" and cut up to 1/2"
• Ideal for home, farm, construction, and industrial maintenance facilities
• With optional tips, can weld up to 1-1/4" and cut up to 6"
• Regulators come with Steel Gauge Guards
• 20' T-grade twin hoses
• 1120 is equipped with 24-CV7PR Torch End Check Valves
• 1120FA is equipped with FA7TPR Flashback Arrestors, which include built-in check valves

Model NumberTorch HandleCutting AttachmentRegulatorsCutting TipHeating NozzleWelding NozzlesT-Grade Twin HosesGogglesStrikerTip CleanerCheck Valves Flashback Arrestors
1120142T142C152X-80G (OXY.) 152Y-15G (ACET.)172C-0172H-6172W-0,2,4HW23-T0209-WG6G25-30025-12024-CV7PR
1120FA142T142C152X-80G (OXY.) 152Y-15G (ACET.)172C-0172H-6172W-0,2,4HW23-T0209-WG6G25-30025-120FA7TPR