Manual Single-Bank Manifold

Manual Single-Bank Manifold
P3200 Series

GENTEC® P3200 Series Manual Single-Bank Manifold is designed to provide accurate control of a variety of gases used in research laboratories, laser gas systems, process analyzers, etc. Vent valves can be integrated for purging to ensure maximum purity of gas and minimize contaminants. A check valve located in between the inlet pressure gauge and regulator at both sides ensures additional safety for the user(s). Available in both stainless steel and brass.


• Single-bank gas supply

• 2" stainless steel pressure gauges

• All parts are mounted on a single panel for easy installation

• Inlet valve(s) for changing cylinder(s) are included. Outlet and Vent valves are optional

• Diaphragm valves include an easy to read status window (open/close)

• Integrated relief valve to ensure additional safety

• Diaphragm valve connections are orbital welded to minimize contamination and leakage. (Note: Stainless steel models only)


 Diaphragm Valve ConfigurationInlet ConnectionBodySeatMax. Inlet PressureMax. Outlet PressureGaugeOptional
P321: Inlet/outlet/vent6: 1/4" MNPTB: BrassK: PCTFED: 3000 psigL: 25 psigK: psig / kPaBlank: Standard
 3: Inlet/outlet S: Stainless steel  K: 50 psigP: psig / barV: Waste gas disposal
      I: 100 psig  
      H: 150 psig  



• Maximum inlet pressure: 3000 psig

• Maximum outlet pressure: 150 psig

• Operating temperature range: -40˚C to 74˚C or -40˚F to 165˚F

• Leak rate: 2x10-8 He

• Cv: 0.14

• Body: Brass or Stainless Steel

• Seat: PCTFE

• Panel: Stainless Steel

• Panel inlet connections: 1/4" MNPT

• Panel outlet connections: 1/4" Genlok


• Research Laboratories 

• Gas and Liquid Chromatography

• Laser Gas Systems

• Purging System

• Zero & calibration gases

• Hydrocarbon Services