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Common Suction Regulator & Flowmeter Questions

How do you disinfect (clean) the suction regulators?

The suction regulators can be cleaned by wiping the outside surface with a disinfectant, the internal flow paths can be cleaned by suctioning cold sterilant through the unit. Please allow unit to run for 30-45 minutes to dry the interior. The suction regulators can also be cleaned by ETO and Gas Plasma Sterilizer. We suggest that ISO 11135 1-2007 (Sterilization of health care products) be followed for cleaning  suction regulators.

Do you manufacture a digital suction unit?

Yes, we sell continuous/intermittent units as well as continuous only units.

Can your timing be adjusted on the suction regulators?

Yes, the suction units are preset at 16 seconds (+2) on, 8 seconds (-2) off. They can be adjusted. Please contact our Chino office for more information.

Do you have a CE mark on you suction regulators and flowmeters?

Yes, we have CE mark on our suction regulators and flowmeters. Suction regulators, flowmeters, and adapters are also available in ISO colors.

What type of adapters does Gentec offer?

Ohio (Ohmeda),DISS, DISS-Hand-Tight, Puritan-Bennett, Chemetron (NCG), Oxiquip Medstar, FS (Afnor Type), GS (DIN Type), BS (British Type), JIS (Japanese Style Adapter), and SIS (Australian Type)

Warranty & Repair Questions

What is the warranty on the Gentec Suction Regulator?

It’s a 10 year warranty, but the decision to repair or replace shall be at the sole discretion of Genstar Technologies.

What is the warranty on Gentec Air & Oxygen Flowmeters?

The flowmeters have a 5 year warranty, but the decision to replace or repair shall be at the sole discretion of Genstar Technologies.

Who performs repairs on Gentec Equipment?

Gentec has authorized service centers that we recommend, if the repair falls within the 10 yr warranty period. Please contact us at 1-800-333-0811 for a  repair or return authorization.

Does Gentec have a fee for a repair estimate?

No, not at this time