Welding Positioner

Welding Positioner



• The DC drive P.C. board is protected against high-frequency interference
• Turning table tilts through a wide angle range for the convenience of various welding positions
• Table angle adjustment with worm gears and crank handle
• Spindle has a 1" through hole for pipe working or gas purging applications
• Slotted turning table provides quick mounting for various work holding fixtures


• Spindle has a 1" through hole
• 4 slots large turning table, quick mounting for various grippers
• All units are high frequency protected
• PT-450M manual tilt table - PT-750 powered tilt table
• Optional adjustable table height* to fit larger workpiece
• Standard hand pendent control PT750 w/ ON/OFF foot control
• Optional variable speed foot control PT-450M & PT-750

Power Input-1 Phase 110/220V 50/60Hz3 Phase 230/460V 60Hz
Capacity (Horizontal/Vertical)lb990/6601650/1100
Rated Center of Gravityin2(Max)11.8
Rated Eccentricityin6(Max)11.8
Table Dimension (D)in7-11/201624
Rotation Speedrpm0.12-2.50.05-1.00
Rotation Torquelb/in2290 
Rotation Rating @ Eccentic CGlb/in990@2-1/6 
Rotation Rating @ Eccentic CGlb/in660@3-1/3 
Rotation Rating @ Eccentic CGlb/in440@5-1/8 
Rotation Rating @ Eccentic CGlb/in220@10-1/4 
Spindle Thru Holein11
Table Slot Bolt Sizein3/8M12
Tilting Torquelb/in9756 
Over Hung Load Tilt Rating @ Eccentric CGlb/in661@11 
Over Hung Load Tilt Rating @ Eccentric CGlb/in550@14 
Over Hung Load Tilt Rating @ Eccentric CGlb/in440@18-1/2 
Over Hung Load Tilt Rating @ Eccentric CGlb/in330@25-1/2 
Earthing CapacityAmp300400
Rotation Motorhp1/61/4
Tilt Motorhp 1/4
Tilt Rangedeg0-1200-135
Tilt Speed (135 Deg.)sec 45
Welding Timersec0-60 
Overall Length (A)in2540/42
Overall Width (B)in2434.5
Overall Height (C)in2528
Center to Floor (E)in21-1/423.5*(23.5~38.5)
Net Weightlb300711/880
* PT-450M is not compatible with standard DIY Accessory Kits.