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Continuous/Intermittent Suction Regulators
881VR Series

The 881VR Series Continuous/Intermittent (Combo) Suction Regulators provides both continuous regulated suction and intermittent regulated suction. This regulator is available in three regulated vacuum ranges: 0-160, 0-200, and 0-300 mmHg. Factory default setting for intermittent regulation is instant off, meaning the timer is set at 8 seconds OFF/ 16 seconds ON, reverse order available (see ordering information). The timer can be easily adjusted from the back of the regulator if necessary. A variety of inlet and outlet fittings are available to cover a wide range of customer needs. Gauges are dual scale (mmHg/kPa) and clockwise, but is also available in ISO styles (counter-clockwise).

SeriesGaugeBack FittingBottom FittingExtension



1/8" NPT Female
Ohmeda Style
DISS Nut & Nipple
DISS Hand-Tight
Oxequip Twist
Oxequip Medstar

1/8" NPT Female
Trap Fitting Only (No Trap)
DISS Male Vacuum
Hose Barb
Complete Suction Trap
-XExtension, 1/8" Male x 1/8" Female









• 2-1/2" diameter gauge
• Dual scale mmHg and kPa
• Glow in the dark gauge
• Adjustable On/Off timer

Dimensions without adapters or fittings
• Height - 6.3" (160 mm)
• Width - 3.15" (80 mm)
• Depth - 3.94" (100 mm)
• Weight - 17.6 oz(0.5 kg)

Face Cover (body) - ABS Plastic