Gas Panel - 2 Valve w/ Cross Purge

Gas Panel - 2 Valve w/ Cross Purge
P621CS Series

GENTEC® P621C Series Panel offers a regulator, an on/off process valve, a pipe away relief valve and cross purge. The panel is designed for semi-corrosive gases where purging is required. The cross purge provides deep purge of the panel from cylinder to the outlet.


• Material of construction: Stainless Steel

• Regulator: Stainless Steel with PCTFE Seat, Single Stage

• Full-Turn Diaphragm Valves

• Two Valve (2V) Panel + Cross Purge

• Inlet Tee Purge designed to maintain purity in a system during cylinder change-out

• All components mounted on an 11" H x 11" W Steel Panel

• Options: EFV, ESO, EFS


SeriesInlet PressureDelivery PressureGauge UnitInlet ConnectionsPigtailPurge/Outlet/Vent ConnectionOptional
P621CSD: 3000 psigL: 25 psigK: psig / kPaPigtailS: 316L11: 1/4: GENLOKBlank: None
  I: 100 psigP: psig / barC320: CGA320T: Teflon92: 1/4" VCR(M)EFV*
  G: 250 psig C326: CGA326  ESO**
    C350: CGA350  EFS***
    C510: CGA510   
    C540: CGA540   
    C580: CGA580   
    C590: CGA590   
    No Pigtail   
    00: 1/4" NPT(M)   
    92: 1/4" VCR(M)   

*Excess Flow Valve (EFV), **Emergency Shut-off Valve (ESO), ***Excess Flow Switch (EFS)


• Inlet connection: 1/4" NPT(M); Option 1/4" VCR(M)

• Outlet connection: 1/4" OD Compression Fitting, SS (GENLOK); Option 1/4"            VCR(M)

• Purge Inlet: 1/4" OD Compression Fitting, SS (GENLOK); Option 1/4" VCR(M)

• Vent outlet: 1/4" OD Compression Fitting, SS (GENLOK); Option 1/4" VCR(M)

• Inlet: 3000 psig maximum

• Outlet: 250 psig maximum

• Operating Temperature: -40˚F to 165˚F

• Leak Rate: 2x10-8 atm cc/sec He

• Cv: 0.14

• Options: ESO, EFV, EFS



• Valves: Stainless Steel with PCTFE Seat, Diaphragm Type

• Check Valve: Stainless Steel with Viton O-Rings

• Regulator: Stainless Steel with PCTFE Seat, Single Stage

• Gauges: Stainless Steel

• Tubing & Fittings: Stainless Steel

• Flex or Rigid Hose: Stainless Steel

• Back Plate: Aluminum Alloy


• Research Laboratories

• Semiconductor

• Aerospace