Medium Duty Two Stage Cylinder Regulators

Medium Duty Two Stage Cylinder Regulators
152T Series

Designed for medium duty gas welding, cutting and heating applications. These two-stage regulators provide precise and constant delivery over a wide range of inlet pressures. Ideal for laboratory, welding, cutting and many other applications.


  • Forged brass body and housing cap
  • Delrin cap bushing for smooth adjustments
  • Self re-seating external pressure relief valve
  • Sintered bronze inlet filter
  • Stem-type seat assembly for more reliable performance
  • 2" gauges for easy reading
  • 1-1/4" & 2" diaphragms
  • Steel Gauge Protectors are color-coded: green for Oxygen (GP21X) and red for Acetylene (GP21Y)
  • Weight: 4 lbs 10 oz
  • Conforms to CGA E-4 standard for gas pressure regulators


Model No.Gas ServiceMin. Delivery Pressure (PSI)Max. Delivery Pressure (PSI)Inlet GaugeOutlet GaugeInlet ConnectionOutlet Connection
152TF-80L.P. Gas4004-802", 400PSI2", 100PSICGA 5109/16"-18LH(M)
152TX-80Oxygen30004-802", 4000PSI2", 100PSICGA 5409/16"-18RH(M)
152TY-15Acetylene4002-152", 400PSI2", 30PSI, RLCGA 5109/16"-18LH(M)
152TY-15-3Acetylene4002-152", 400PSI2", 30PSI, RLCGA 3009/16"-18LH(M)
152TIN-125Inert Gas (Ar. He, N2)30005-1252", 4000PSI2", 200PSICGA 5809/16"-18RH(F)


5-1252", 4000PSI2", 200PSICGA 3469/16"-18RH(M)

1 psi = 0.00689 MPa = 6.895 kPa = 0.06895 bar = 0.07 kgf / cm2, 
1 SCFH = 0.0283 m3/h = 0.472 LPM