Radiator Flowmeter Regulator

Radiator Flowmeter Regulator

Gentec 199CD-60 Radiator-Type Regulator / Flowmeter for CO2 is designed for applications requiring high gas flow rates, up to 60 SCFH without freezing.


• Flowmeter is backpressure compensated to ensure accurate reading when line restrictions are present
• Regulator is preset to deliver 50 PSI into the flowmeter which is calibrated to operate at 50 PSI
• Anodized aluminum body
• Sintered bronze inlet filter
• Weight: 4 lbs

Model NumberGas ServiceOutlet Pressure Preset (PSI)Inlet GaugeFlowmeter (SCFH)Inlet ConnectionOutlet Connection
199CD-60CARBON DIOXIDE502", 4000PSI60CGA3205/8"-18RH(F)