Carbon Dioxide Regulators Freezing

Summertime is the prime time for CO2 regulators to freeze up. This condition is more than just frost or condensation on the outside of the regulator. When CO2 flows through a regulator from a cylinder heated by the sun or high air temperatures (and therefore at an increased pressure) and is reduced to a much lower working pressure, the difference in the high pressure inlet and the low pressure outlet causes a drop in temperature which can be great enough to cause the CO2 gas to freeze and form dry ice.

Replace Acetylene Gas with Alternative Gases (Propane and Propylene) for Heating and Cutting Applications

There has been a buzz about the shortage of acetylene. Gas companies have been encouraging people to use alternative fuel gases, such as propane and propylene. If you can buy GENTEC kits for propane or propylene, that is perfect. However, if you already own an acetylene kit, you may think about transferring your kit to be used with propane or propylene.

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